Corten A weathering steel sheet material equivalent properties

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Corten A weathering steel sheet material equivalent properties

Corten A weathering steel sheet 2020 October inventory: 16*2200*12000, 10*2400*8450, 27*3510*7900, 14*2070*9060, 38*3300*13400, 30*2020*7000, 10*2400*8300, 35*2230*6000, 10*2200*8000, 8*2210*11000, 30*1600*10720, 25*2100*8400, 23.5*2950*10500, 38*3300*13400, 30*1600*10720, 8*2200*11200, 24*2500*5800, 25*2400*11600, 35*2220*10000, 21.5*1630*13480, 20*1950*9150, 80*2250*8850, 30*1600*10720, 21.5*1630*13480.

The company's ESP thin gauge is down to 0.6mm. The thinner the thickness of the Corten A weathering steel sheet, hot rolled steel product, the more difficult it is to roll. The thickness will encounter increased load, severe vibration of the rolling mill, difficult shape control, and fluttering of the head during the downdraft. There are many problems such as difficulty in getting bite, which limit the thinnest size that can be rolled by hot rolling. At present, the thinnest gauge of conventional rolling line is 1.2mm, and the thinnest gauge of CSP production line is about 1.0mm. The successful rolling of 0.6mm hot rolled steel product is a milestone in hot rolled steel strip technology.

Vanadium is a weak deoxidizer. Adding vanadium into Corten A weathering steel sheet steel can reduce the adverse effects of carbon and nitrogen, effectively improve the strength, but sometimes also increase the tendency of welding hardening, vanadium is also a commonly used trace alloy element.

A709GR50 steel plates are used in construction steel structure, construction machinery and other steel structures, such as construction steel structure, construction machinery, mining and mountain machinery, heavy trucks, bridges, pressure vessels, etc., especially for requirements with better weldability And tough construction and construction machinery parts. The product Corten A weathering steel sheet has been exported to South Korea, Taiwan and other places, and the cumulative export volume has reached more than 10,000 tons.

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