Corten A HIC tested plate prices are expected to rebound after weak shocks next week

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Corten A HIC tested plate prices are expected to rebound after weak shocks next week

A709Gr50 steel is a high-strength low-alloy stee. It is widely used in engineering structures, such as building steel structures, construction machinery, mining and mountain machinery, trucks, bridges, pressure vessels, especially for those requiring good weldability and toughness Construction and construction machinery parts. BBNsteel's engineers suggest customer choose low temperature impacting test for steel A709 grade 50 at zero centigree, because these steel plates A709Gr50 normally used in this temperature.

Common Corten A HIC tested plate, steel plate thickness specifications are as follows: Thick steel plate: thickness greater than 4, width within 10 is less than 2000mm, width above 10 is generally 2000, 2500mm, length 4-12m; Thin steel plate: thickness less than 4mm, width 500-1500mm, length 1.5-4m; Flat steel: thickness 4-60mm, width 12-200mm, length 3-9m.

Inspection index of steel plate blanking hot cutting parts:
1. After the steel Corten A HIC tested plate product is cut, the cut surface should be inspected for defects such as cracks and slag inclusions, usually by appearance inspection; 2. On the cut workpiece, information such as name, number, etc. should be marked, including component specifications, component materials, etc., so that it can be clear at a glance.

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