Hardenability of A588 Grade A steel after quenching and tempering

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Hardenability of A588 Grade A steel after quenching and tempering

A588 Grade A steel performs well in various structural parts working under atmospheric environment and corrosive gases and liquids, which significantly improves the corrosion resistance of structural parts, saves costs, and effectively extends the service life of structural parts .

The size of the crystal grains can be controlled by the annealing conditions of the A588 Grade A steel sheet, and the boiling steel sheet is more likely to change greatly. Especially in order to improve the formability of boiling A588 Grade A steel and the processability of enamel products (such as not easy to foam), it is decarburized and annealed to make cold-rolled steel sheets with coarser grains and soft texture. However, if the crystal grains are too coarse, the forming limit of spinning may be reduced.

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