JIS G3125 SMA400AW thin sheet stress properties

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JIS G3125 SMA400AW thin sheet stress properties

Q345qCNH grade is a weather-resistant structural steel for bridges. Bridge steel grade is Q345qC. It is produced by the standard GB / T714-2014. Weather-resistant bridge plate Q345qCNH is a kind of structural steel plate for bridge. Add a certain amount of alloy elements, such as P, Cr, Ni, Cu, Mo, etc. to the steel to form a protective layer on the surface of the metal substrate to improve the atmospheric resistance corrosive steel.

Medium thick steel plate refers to the steel plate with a thickness of not less than 3 mm but less than 20 mm. It can be produced by reversible hot rolling medium and heavy plate mill, and its thin products can also be processed by cold rolling mill. JIS G3125 SMA400AW thin sheet, Medium thick steel plates are mainly used in boilers, shipbuilding, railway cars, automobiles, containers, military industry, national defense, construction, bridges and containers.

After the official operation of the national pipeline network in October 2020, relevant oil and gas pipeline construction projects have accelerated. The main planned projects include West-East Gas Pipeline 4 and 5, New Gas Pipeline (Xinjiang Coal-to-Gas Export Pipeline Project) and LNG ( Liquefied natural gas) export pipelines, etc.

On Nov. 1st, 2019, BBN JIS G3125 SMA400AW thin sheet steel organized Delegation to visit Zhengzhou Children Welfare Institute, and to give sponsorship as well as concerns to the Children. The handicapped children is always a pain topic. With the development of the society, they also gets increasing concerns and help from all walks of life. Thankfully, our Government also gives high concern to the handicapped children and has built JIS G3125 SMA400AW thin sheet Children Welfare Institutes all over the country to guarantee their lives.

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