09CuPTiRE-A low alloy steel specification and properties

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09CuPTiRE-A low alloy steel specification and properties

Rolled sheet is a very common material in industrial construction. Rolled sheet at room temperature is cold-rolled sheet, and cold-rolled sheet is the rolling of hot-rolled coils below the recrystallization temperature. The hot-rolled sheet is rolled above the recrystallization temperature. So what is the difference between 09CuPTiRE-A low alloy steel, hot rolled sheet and cold rolled sheet?

In 2019, our company has decorated the office building for newlook. We also make the cultural wall with various photos. These photos are a combination of 09CuPTiRE-A low alloy steel BBN Group various activities that record the company's beautiful memories in recent years. Among them are photos of the 09CuPTiRE-A low alloy steel company's annual meeting, photos of group trips, pictures of factories, party pictures, photos of outdoors organized barbecues, photos of winter sports, pictures of table tennis matches. The BBN steel company has rich staff activities and pleasant staff life.

Weather resistant steel sheet is a low-alloy high-strength steel that adds a small amount of alloying elements to ordinary steel to make it have good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere. This kind of material has a higher atmospheric corrosion resistance than ordinary carbon steel. 09CuPTiRE-A low alloy steel, Weather resistant steel sheet and plate is widely used in manufacturing industries such as containers, bridges, automobiles, railway vehicles, and construction abroad.

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