What kind of steel is Corten B tensile strength?

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What kind of steel is Corten B tensile strength?

In recent years, in line with the development trend of iron and Corten B tensile strength steel industry at home and abroad, we have accelerated the transformation of development mode, promoted structural adjustment, and formed a rich product series of medium and thick plates, hot rolled steel coils, profiles, steel pipes, etc., which Corten B tensile strength are widely used in automobiles, long-span bridges, railways, machinery, ocean and so on fields. Meanwhile, we also provide deep processing for the steel materials.

Low-alloy structural steel plates are mainly used in machinery manufacturing and metal structural parts. Advantages of Corten B tensile strength, low-alloy structural steel plates: They have superior performance and light weight. Disadvantages of low-alloy structural steel plates: These steel plates are all killed plates. The molten steel is deoxidized before the production. When the molten steel is poured into the ingot mold, its reaction is relatively calm and there will be no boiling state. Corten B tensile strength, low-alloy structural steel plates price will be more expensive.

Corten B tensile strength, 09CuPCrNi-A corrosion-resistant steel plate belongs to ordinary low-alloy steel and steel for engineering structures; it is a high-strength corrosion-resistant steel plate. The combination of Cu and P can resist atmospheric corrosion. In addition, there are Cr and Ni, both of which are used in stainless steel. 09CuPCrNi-A corrosion-resistant steel plate is used to manufacture structural parts such as containers, railway vehicles, oil derricks, seaport buildings, oil production platforms, and containers containing hydrogen sulfide corrosive medium in chemical petroleum equipment.

As Corten B tensile strength, alloy 400 is a kind of metal with good corrosion resistance, it shows good uniform corrosion resistance in the marine atmosphere. This is because alloy 400 can form a very thin and tough protective film. Uniform corrosion is one of the easiest forms of corrosion to deal with, because engineers can quantitatively determine the corrosion rate of metals and accurately predict the service life of metals.

Corten B tensile strength, No. 20 steel belongs to high-quality carbon steel.No. 20 steel means steel with an average carbon content of 0.20%;The thermal conductivity of No. 20 steel at 315℃ is 48 W/m℃;No. 20 steel is generally not quenched, the general treatment method is carburizing or normalizing;The yield strength of No. 20 steel is not less than 250MPa;The tensile strength of No. 20 steel is not less than 420MPa;Elongation of No. 20 steel is not less than 25%;The reduction of area is not less than 55%;The density of Corten B tensile strength and No. 20 steel is 7.85kg/cm3

Our steel products are widely used in petroleum and natural gas, chemical industry, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, power generation, mining, and other industries. The products Corten B tensile strength are sold in more than 20 provinces, cities and all over the world. The company has strong technical force, complete production equipment, advanced production technology, perfect testing methods, and high-quality products.

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