How to cut a242 type 1 weather resistant steel plate

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How to cut a242 type 1 weather resistant steel plate

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12Cr1MoVG high pressure boiler tube belongs to seamless steel tube. The manufacturing method of 12Cr1MoVG high pressure boiler tube is the same as that of seamless steel tube. High pressure boiler tubes are often in high temperature and high pressure conditions when they are used. Under the action of high temperature flue gas and steam, oxidation and corrosion will occur. a242 type 1 weather resistant steel plate, 12Cr1MoVG high pressure boiler tube is required to have high endurance strength, high oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, and good microstructure stability.

The yield strength of a242 type 1 weather resistant steel plate, Q235 steel plate decreases with the increase of thickness. Q235 steel plate thickness≤16mm, yield strength is 235MPA; 16mm < Q235 steel plate thickness≤40mm, yield strength is 225MPA; 40mm < Q235 steel plate thickness≤60mm, yield strength is 215MPA; 60mm < Q235 steel plate thickness≤100mm, yield strength is 205MPA; 100mm < Q235 steel plate thickness≤150mm, yield strength is 195MPA; 150mm < Q235 steel plate thickness≤200mm, yield strength is 185MPA.

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