What are the common defects in welding area of welding of SMA490BW plate welding parts

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What are the common defects in welding area of welding of SMA490BW plate welding parts

Based on the principle of quality and respect for customers, BBNsteel maintains good cooperative relations with customers in home and abroad. With modern management, high-quality products, reasonable prices and comprehensive after-sales service, we provide our customers with high quality and low price welding of SMA490BW plate products.

The SM570 steel plate has a yield strength of more than 460MPa and a 60Kg strength grade steel because it contains a variety of alloying elements, including microalloying elements, and can often achieve higher strength in the state of hot rolling or controlled rolling, but the impact toughness fluctuates greatly. welding of SMA490BW plate product Normalizing has the advantages of uniform and stable steel structure and performance, high qualification rate, and easy control of the production process.

High-strength steel plates have the following characteristics. First, the strength is high, the bearing capacity is very good, and it is not easy to break. Second, compared with other steel plates under the same strength requirements, high-strength steel plates are lighter and thinner, which can effectively reduce the weight of structures. Third, the welding of SMA490BW plate, high-strength steel plates are required to be safe and reliable, able to withstand complete disasters such as water, fire, earthquake, storm, etc., to protect people's safety.

The effect of elements in the wear plate on high temperature temper brittleness: chromium, manganese, nickel, silicon, etc. play a role in promoting, while molybdenum, tungsten, titanium, etc. play a retarding role, and carbon also plays a role in promoting. Generally, welding of SMA490BW plate, carbon wear-resistant steel plates are not sensitive to high temperature tempering brittleness, while binary or multi-element alloy steels containing chromium, manganese, nickel, and silicon are very sensitive. The degree of sensitivity varies depending on the type and content of alloy elements.

As per JIS G3101 standard, the Carbon (C), Silicon (Si) and Manganese (Mn) content of SS400 steel plate are not controlled. Phosphorus (P) content of welding of SMA490BW plate, JIS SS400 steel plate is 0.050% Max and Sulphur (S) content is 0.050% Max. The SS400 steel melting point is 1430 Degree Celsius, Brinell Hardness is 160HB, density is 7.85g/cm3, Young’s Modulus is 190-210Gpa. The strength and elongation of JIS SS400 steel plate varies with thickness. Generally, the tensile strength of SS400 steel plate is 400-510 Mpa. Elongation is above 21%. Yield strength ≥245Mpa for thickness≤16mm. When the JIS SS400 steel plate is thciker than 100mm, the yield strength shall not less than 205Mpa.

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The 365 day service system is implemented, and the business, loading and delivery are handled as usual in holidays and festivals. Actively help users solve difficulties. When users encounter difficulties in handling business, they should actively coordinate with the external solution; if they need to solve the problems internally, they should solve them in a timely manner without prevarication and wrangling. In line with the welding of SMA490BW plate principle of "fairness, justice and timeliness", coordinate with relevant departments and deal with all kinds of objections in a timely manner.

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