What are the top ten S355J2W high-speed project steel brands in Turkey

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What are the top ten S355J2W high-speed project steel brands in Turkey

The company adheres to the "variety, quality and efficiency" road. We have established a technology center, a brand cultivation management system and a quality control system. Now the company has formed an independent innovation system integrating S355J2W high-speed project steel production, learning, research and marketing. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO10012 measurement management system certification.

S355J2W high-speed project steel, 45Mn2 steel is a kind of alloy structural steel. 45Mn2 steel is made of high-quality carbon structural steel with proper addition of manganese. 45Mn2 steel belongs to the medium carbon quenched and tempered steel in alloy structural steel. The parts made with 45Mn2 steel can obtain high strength and good toughness after quenching and tempering at high temperature. That is to say, 45Mn2 steel has good comprehensive mechanical properties and is often used to manufacture shafts, connecting rods, fasteners which bear large loads.

S355J2W high-speed project steel, Strip steel has obvious characteristics. First, it is thin and easy to bend, convenient for logistics and transportation, and saves logistics costs. Second, the surface quality of strip steel is good. Third, the strip steel is easy to process, and it can be processed only by straightening the bent part. Fourth, the strip steel has high precision and it is a good raw material for processing blades and saw blades. Strip steel is widely used in the manufacture of welded pipes, clamps, washers, spring blades, saw blades and other fields.

Alloy elements have the most significant strengthening effect on steel in quenched and tempered state. The primary purpose of adding alloying elements to steel is to improve the hardenability of steel and to ensure that martensite is easily obtained during quenching. The second is to improve the tempering stability of the steel to keep the martensite at a higher temperature, so that the carbides precipitated during the tempering of the quenched steel are finer, uniform and stable. In this way, under the same conditions, alloy steel has higher strength than carbon steel, S355J2W high-speed project steel.

S355J2W high-speed project steel products 2020 online supply: 6*1950*10000, 6*2000*10000, 6*2200*10000, 6*2800*12000, 7*2200*8000, 7*2920*8200, 7*2920*8780, 2200*11200, 8*2200*5730, 8*2210*11000, 8*2400*12000, 9*2300*6870, 12.5*2900*11000, 12.9*2987*10384, 13.6*2940*11455, 14*1950*10900, 14*1950*10950, 14*1950*11000, 14*1950*8000, 14*2000*13500, 22*3400*13000, 23.1*2590*7790, 25*1600*9300.

We are engaged in S355J2W high-speed project steel corten steel, weathering steel, atmosphere corrosion resistant steel materials. After receiving your inquiry about the weathering steel, we will make quotation for you at the first time. Meanwhile, our professional team can give you valuable answers about all kinds of question about the weathering steel. For example, corten steel cost per square foot, S355J2WP equivalent, S355J2W high-speed project steel ASTM A242 steel properties, A588 steel yield strength, etc. If you have any demands or questions about weathering steel, please feel free to contact us.

With a high-quality and complete after-sales service system, the company solves the user's hindrance and improves the reliability of steel S355J2W high-speed project steel product quality. Reaching every corner of the globe with professional services, users anywhere can get thoughtful and detailed services form us is our pursue. We promise all our steel materials are manufactured and tested in accordance with responding standards. We will take full responsibility for the quality of the steel materials we provide.

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