What is Q295NH container steel sheet welding equivalent?

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What is Q295NH container steel sheet welding equivalent?

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NM450 material is mainly to provide protection in occasions or parts where wear resistance is needed, so that the life of the equipment is longer. Then it can reduce the maintenance and downtime brought by maintenance, and accordingly reduce the investment of funds. Q295NH container steel sheet welding, NM450 wear-resistant steel plate is widely used in engineering machinery, mining machinery, coal mine machinery, environmental protection machinery, metallurgical machinery, abrasive tools, bearings and other product parts.

It is easy to confuse ship plate with ordinary steel plate. What are the differences between ship plate and ordinary steel plate? First, compared with the ordinary steel plate, the thickness of the ship plate is thicker and the accuracy is better. Otherwise, it will be broken by the impact of sea water during the operation, which will bring life danger to the personnel on the ship. Second, compared with ordinary steel plate, Q295NH container steel sheet welding, the corrosion resistance of ship plate is more outstanding. The ship is immersed in sea water for a long time, if it does not have good corrosion resistance, then the ship plate will rust easily, and the weight of the ship will become larger, and it will also bring pollution to the sea water and cause ecological damage.

After adding trace elements such as phosphorus, copper, chromium, and nickel to Q355NH steel, a dense and highly adherent protective film is formed on the surface of the weathering steel, which prevents rust from spreading and developing, and protects the substrate under the rust layer to slow its corrosion . An amorphous spinel oxide layer of about 50 μm to 100 μm thick formed between the rust layer and the substrate is dense and has good adhesion to the base metal, which greatly improves the atmospheric corrosion resistance of the steel material, Q295NH container steel sheet welding.

The yield strength of Q295NH container steel sheet welding, Q235 steel plate decreases with the increase of thickness. Q235 steel plate thickness≤16mm, yield strength is 235MPA; 16mm < Q235 steel plate thickness≤40mm, yield strength is 225MPA; 40mm < Q235 steel plate thickness≤60mm, yield strength is 215MPA; 60mm < Q235 steel plate thickness≤100mm, yield strength is 205MPA; 100mm < Q235 steel plate thickness≤150mm, yield strength is 195MPA; 150mm < Q235 steel plate thickness≤200mm, yield strength is 185MPA.

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