What is the JIS G 3114 steel SMA400AW finishing line

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What is the JIS G 3114 steel SMA400AW finishing line

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Strong pressure resistance of JIS G 3114 steel SMA400AW, boiler steel tube: The wall thickness of boiler steel tube is very important, because the steam pressure is very large, if the wall thickness is very thin, it will be broken by the steam pressure released instantly. The boiler steel tube has good high temperature resistance performance: the steam temperature in the pipeline can reach hundreds of degrees Celsius above. If the high temperature resistance performance is not enough, the boiler steel tube will be melted by the high temperature brought by the steam.

P235GH steel material number under EN10028-2:2003 standard is 1.0345. This steel is a European pressure vessel steel. P235GH Mechanical properties: Tensile strength σb (350 ~ 480 MPa); Yield strength σs(215 MPa min.); Elongation ≥25%; Brinell hardness ≤105 ~ 140. JIS G 3114 steel SMA400AW, P235GH steel chemical composition (mass fraction,%): ≤0.16 C; ≤0.35 Si; 0.60 ~ 1.20 Mn; ≤0.025 P; ≤0.010 S; ≤0.30 Cr; ≤0.30 Ni; ≤0.30 Cu; ≤0.08 Mo; ≤0.02 V; ≤0.02 Nb; ≤0.012 N; ≤0.020 Al; ≤0.03 Ti.

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