What is the difference between 1018 and q355nh weather resistant steel steel?

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What is the difference between 1018 and q355nh weather resistant steel steel?

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12Cr1MoV alloy plate is widely used in superheater, header and main steam pipe of high pressure, ultra-high pressure and subcritical power plant boiler. At 580 ℃, 12Cr1MoV alloy plate still has high thermal strength, oxidation resistance and high endurance plasticity. The production process of q355nh weather resistant steel and 12Cr1MoV alloy plate is simple and the welding performance is good, but it is sensitive to the normalizing cooling rate. Pearlite spheroidization will occur after long-term use of 12Cr1MoV alloy plate at 580 ℃.

The main characteristics of q355nh weather resistant steel, 12Cr1MoV alloy steel plate are as follows:Compared with 12CrMoV steel, 12Cr1MoV alloy steel plate has higher oxidation resistance and thermal strength. The creep limit of 12Cr1MoV steel is close to the stress rupture strength, and it has high plasticity under the condition of long-term tension. The process and weldability of 12Cr1MoV steel are good, but it needs to be preheated to 300 ℃ before welding, and stress relief treatment is required after welding.

Erosion wear of wear-resistant steel plates is very common, because rain erosion is an inevitable natural damage. Since the problem cannot be solved from the source, we should take appropriate measures to reduce the damage to a lower level. To this end, we can properly refurbish the wear-resistant steel plate, q355nh weather resistant steel. The method of electrothermal welding is adopted for the connecting parts of the wear-resistant steel plate, and the plate is well fixed, and the brittleness of the plate is reduced as much as possible. So that the plate can not be damaged when it is subjected to wind and rain.

According to GBT3077, 42CrMo steel chemical composition should be within the range (%): 42CrMo carbon content is 0.38-0.45 (C), Silicon content is 0.17-0.37 (Si), Manganese content is 0.50-0.80 (Mn), Chrome content is 0.90-1.20 (Cr), Molybdenum content is 0.15-0.25 (Mo). The high Cr content contrivutes to high strength of 42CrMo steel, with min. yield strength of 930 Mpa, and min. tensile strength of 1080 Mpa. The common heat treatment for q355nh weather resistant steel, 42CrMo steel is quenching and tempering.

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